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  • The Evidenza

    The Evidenza is a lightweight, 14'7", three-piece, moderate action fishing rod. This casting tool is designed to throw heavy payloads, such as 6-8 ounce sinkers, with minimal physical strain. The Evidenza has withstood more than a year of intense field testing in the hands of some of the most experienced casters on the East Coast. Its easy loading characteristics will take a new and developing cast or an experienced but physically limited cast to the next level with its precise engineering and lightweight carbon fiber construction. It has Fuji guides and is set up for baitcasting, but with a size 30 stripper guide and a size 12 tip, it can also be used as a spinning rod.
    The Evidenza is the first rod to feature the Extended Adjustable Reel Seat designed and patented by the owner of Cape Henry CRFG. 
    Rod Length: 14'7"
    Rod Weight: 720 grams
    Lure Weight: 250 grams
    Material: High Modules Carbon C-5 Reinforced
    Wholesale and bulk pricing available.
    While Vega manufactures many quality products, only those models co-designed and distributed by Cape Henry CRFG can be warranted by Cape Henry CRFG due to our extreme fishing conditions here in the U.S.