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  • The Fish Tamer Multi-Purpose Blank

    The Fish Tamer multi-purpose blank is 8' long, weighs 4 oz and can be cut to create over 30 different common boat rod applications. 

    The blank comes in standard flat black,
    please contact us for paint and customization options.

    Blank Weight: 4 oz
    Line Weight: 15-30 lbs uncut; 30-80 lbs cut 
    (based on a rod that had 6" taken off of the butt and was then cut to 6'6")
    Lure Weight: 1-4 oz
    Tip Size: 8/64th
    Butt Size: 19 mm
    Material: High Modulus Composite Fiberglass w/an Integrated Tip 
    Wholesale and bulk pricing available.