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The Potenza Extreme 420 and 450 
The Potenza Extreme has a fast parabolic action similar to the Intimidator L. The rod has good backbone, loads of power, and instant recovery. As with all of our rods, the Potenza  has been customized to suit our fishing needs and has withstood more than a year of intense field testing in the hands of some of the most experienced casters on the East Coast. Like the Evidenza, it comes with the extended adjustable reel seat and has Fuji guides that are set up for bait casting, but with a size 30 stripper guide and a size 12 tip it can also be used as a spinning rod. 
Rod Length: 13' 7", 420; 14' 7", 450
Rod Weight: 620 grams, 420; 680 grams, 450
Lure Weight: 4-11 oz, 420; 4-13 oz, 450
Material: Ultra High Modulus Carbon 
Finish: High Gloss Cobalt Blue

The Evidenza

The Evidenza is a light weight, 14'7", three piece, moderate action fishing rod. This casting tool is designed to throw heavy payloads, such as 6-8 ounce sinkers, with minimal physical strain. The Evidenza has withstood more than a year of intense field testing in the hands of some of the most experienced casters on the East Coast. Its easy loading characteristics will take a new and developing cast or an experienced but physically limited cast to the next level with its precise engineering and light weight carbon fiber construction. It has Fuji guides and is set up for bait casting, but with a size 30 stripper guide and a size 12 tip it can also be used as a spinning rod. The Evidenza is the first rod to feature the Extended Adjustable Reel Seat designed and patented by the owner of Cape Henry CRFG. 
Rod Length: 14'7"
Rod Weight: 720 grams
Lure Weight: 8 oz
Material: High Modules Carbon C-5 Reinforced
While Vega manufactures many quality products, only those models co-designed and distributed by Cape Henry CRFG can be warranted by Cape Henry CRFG due to our extreme fishing conditions here in the U.S. 
Evidenza Modification Video
Evidenza Testing Video

The Intimidators L and H Rod Blanks

The Intimidator Surf Series is modeled after the famed Allstar 1509. However, they are engineered using more modern Vega technology making them just as strong but almost half the weight of the original. The Intimidators are designed to handle the extreme load that surf fishing often requires.

 The Intimidator L feels like the Allstar 1508, but with the 1509 power. The Intimidator H has identical action and power to the Allstar 1509.This series is very lightweight, forgiving, and painless with instant recovery time resulting in great distance!

Blank Length: 13' 2"
Blank Weight: 31.1 grams, Light; 35.4 grams, Heavy
Lure Weight: 5-12 oz,Light; 6-14 oz Heavy
Material: Carbon Fiber
Finish: Flat black, or contact us for custom colors
Tips: 10 mm Light, 12 mm Heavy
Butt: 25 mm
Split: 70/30

Intimidator L Testing Video
Intimidator H Testing Video
Intimidator L At Work
Intimidator H At Work

The Sniper is 8'9" long and has the old-fashioned extra-heavy fast action, a 1-4 oz casting weight, and a fat graphite handle with palm support. They are available as blanks, and as both spinning and bait casting rods. The blanks have become quite popular because they can be modified for use as a boat or kayaking rod by cutting them back to 8'. 
Blank Weight: 3.6 oz
Line Weight: 20-40 lbs
Lure Weight: 1-4 oz
Tip Size: 7.5 mm
Butt Size: 20 mm
Material: High Resistance Carbon

Photo courtesy of River Wolf

The Sniper Ammunition Lure

The Sniper Ammunition Lure was originally designed and hand-caste by the owner of Cape Henry CRFG. This metal lure is 5" long overall and is available in Chrome, Skin (yellow) or Normak (purple) finish.

The Extended Adjustable Reel Seat

"Patent Pending"
This reel seat is 10" inches long, providing greater flexibility in reel placement. It is made of Aluminum Alloy and available in both black and chrome. The reel seat will come standard on all Vega factory surf rods and can be purchased per unit, wholesale, or in bulk.

Adjustable Reel Seat

This reel seat uses a slit in the middle of the shaft and off-sets at the openings to clamp onto your rod and keep your reel firmly in place. It is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your rod diameter.    

The Interceptor-Currently Sold Out

The Interceptor is a 6'6" jigging blank with extra-heavy fast action. It is currently available as a blank, but will later be offered as both a finished spinning and bait casting rod. Check out the Vega Products Previews tab to view the detailed drawings of the finished products.
Blank Weight: 3.53 ozs
Line Weight: 10-30 lbs
Lure Weight: 2-7 ozs
Tip Size: 9 mm
Butt Size: 14 mm
Material: Nano Carbon

The Fish Tamer-Currently Sold Out

The Fish Tamer multi-purpose blank is 8' long, weighs 4 oz and can be cut to create over 30 different common boat rod applications. 
Blank Weight: 4 oz
Line Weight: 15-30 lbs uncut; 30-80 lbs cut 
(based on a rod that had 6" taken off of the butt and was then cut to 6'6")
Lure Weight: 1-4 oz
Tip Size: 8/64th
Butt Size: 19 mm
Material: High Modulus Composite Fiberglass w/an Integrated Tip